With 20 years of experience in the energy efficient lighting service industry, we have developed proven methods of preventative lighting maintenance that saves our property owners money and time. We assure their customers have a safe and inviting environment in which to work and live.

We have always been proud to actively find ways to save energy by specifying, installing and maintaining energy efficient lighting. Global Warming concerns and the Green Movement are indications that the mainstream of the worlds population now realize the importance of reducing our carbon footprint.

We are constantly vigilant for our customers, examining new lighting technologies that may offer new opportunities for energy savings and reduced costs of operation.

Our best efforts are being made to provide our customers with a “Green, Local, Professional Lighting Services Vendor.” When we say our best efforts, it is because we will always adapt and embrace the best and greenest practices.

Because we are truly local and perform planned maintenance, our bucket trucks are not wasting fuel on our freeway systems. When our trucks are on the roads, it is in the off hours of the morning or evening to reduce our impact on the transportation system. Our inspection vehicles are much more efficient and some of them attain more than 50 miles per gallon. 


Our Services

Planned Lighting Maintenance

San Diego County, CA. Contracted on a regular schedule, includes labor, equipment, lamps, ballasts, cleaning and recycling.



Parking Lot Lighting Upgrade

Installation of more efficient Pulse Start Metal Halide lamps and ballasts are being mandated by the government and a 20% energy savings can be realized – we have the best retrofit kit available on the market! Retrofit projects come with a free warranty and one year maintenance contract.

Parking Lot Pole Inspections

We offer ultrasonic parking lot pole inspections that will monitor the condition of the metal poles so they can be replaced before they fall over. Defective parking lot poles may cause property damage and/or personal injury.


Painting and Cleaning

  • We can clean and paint your parking lot poles and fixtures for you.
  • We use only “Green” biodegradable cleaning products in the performance of our duties.
  • We use only environmentally safe paints and solvents

Bird Deterrents

We are an authorized installer of Bird-B-Gone, Inc. Bird control products.

We have the ability to clear and power wash clean, those high reach hard to get to locations on your building or property. Afterwards, we install a variety of Eco-friendly bird repellants to help keep your fixtures and buildings clean. We do not ever use poison!




Mission Statement

The Mission of Highlights of San Diego is to promote energy efficient lighting practices through education and advocacy.