Lighting Repairs

As our name, Highlights, implies, we specialize in installing and repairing lights in high reach applications. Such as: 

Parking Lot Lighting

Building lights

High Building Lobby Lighting

Tennis Courts

Stairways, etc.

Anywhere that you have important lighting that is difficult to access for maintenance and cleaning. That being said, we also repair and install most types of commercial lighting. Give us a call! 

Lighting Maintenance Services and Group Relamping

We perform lighting maintenance inspections and repairs on a scheduled basis for professional property management companies and owners. We offer both interior and exterior lighting maintenance and repair services. Your properties do not require high reach lighting to qualify for scheduled service. We perform the parking lot lighting maintenance at off hours with no overtime charged.

Commercial Properties 

Retail Properties

Office Buildings

Apartment Communities

Condominium Communities

Government Facilities and Schools


Ultrasonic Parking Lot Pole Inspections

Unfortunately, California’s coastal air along with the use of reclaimed water in landscaped areas has been causing parking lot poles to rust at the base and fall over causing property damage to cars.  We have a method of measuring the thickness of these poles so you can repair or replace them before someone gets hurt on your property.We perform preventative maintenance, cleaning and applying zinc based protectant to the anchor bolts during the field inspection. We provide you with a written report and site map, along with any maintenance recommendations.


Parking Lot pole and Fixture painting

We paint high reach parking lot poles and fixtures. We clean the fixture inside and out, powerwash it if necessary. We prepare the pole and apply a protective coating for long life and maximum protection. We can then install Bird-B-Gone products to keep the poles and fixtures clean in the future. We also have rust proof ABS plastic base covers and hand hole covers available to complete the new look!


Lighting Retrofit for Existing Facilities

The proudest thing we do for our San Diego Community is upgrade the parking lots and building lighting systems to improve the lighting quality and save energy. Fortunately, lighting improvements are one of the things you can do to “Go Green” and help fight global warming that has a return on investment of one to two years in most cases. As we all try and find ways to keep life on our planet sustainable, calling for a free lighting and energy analysis is one of the easiest things you can do!

Give us a call!